• Going Self-Hosted: Moving away from Google and others

    Since 3 years ago, I have always been eager to move away from Google and other privacy-invading companies. I have had my successes and failures in doing so, here I’m going to put out my stack of tools for moving away from Google and going self-hosted.

  • DIY Cardboard Kindle Stand (for bed)

    a view of the stand + kindle

    I’ve had a Kindle for more than a year now, but I’ve only recently started to read books on it frequently, I used to read paperworks before that, and I still do sometimes prefer paperbooks if available. Anyways, my Kindle has helped me to fall asleep without struggling with all my thoughts, all I have to do is read until I fall asleep, so in a way, it has also been a remedy for my insomnia.

    Now to read the Kindle in bed, you would have to hold it using your hands or buy a stand or make one, motivated by The Pursuit of Laziness I set to create mine, but I didn’t use a piece of steel, instead I used a single box of cardboard I had in home to create one in minutes. :D

  • Primitive Living Lessons Learned, Episode 0

    general view of the forest

    So I just went on my first primitive living practice trip in the woods, alone, with only a pocket knife.

    I decided I’m going to share the lessons I’ve learned in each trip as they are certainly going to be useful if you want to practice primitive living, I would find these useful if I could find them anywhere. I spend a lot of time reading and watching primitive living guides and experience reports, but they are never exhaustive, and this series is not meant to be exhaustive either.

  • Don't chase: Become the good one

    When it comes to relationships, most (unsuccessful) people are chasing the good ones. They spend time trying to find their dream partner, the perfect match, but hey, do you qualify as the dream partner of your dream partner? You fantasize about your dream partner, but have you ever thought what kind of partner does he/she dream of?

    I want an angel with... I want an angel with…

  • Stop High-Frequency Fuck-ups

    High-Frequency Fuck-Ups:

    The cyclic process of “pushing yourself hard for a week, getting something done, and then feeling depressed and fucked up for the next week”

    Sounds familiar? Read on.

    High-Frequency Fuck-ups Visual demonstration of High-Frequency Fuck-ups

  • Immortals go extinct

    We are all going to die, we all know that well.

    Now I want to take you to a world of immortals where humans don’t die, they live and live and live and… you know, live. From now on, pretend I’m a human on this world of immortals, I’m immortal bitches.

    immortals chatting There is no campfire because they don’t need it

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